We love to create arrangements collaboratively in the studio with the artist and/or producer. This allows input from multiple creative minds with you having the final say about how your work sounds. We are also proficient readers and can play from written parts you provide. Rates are for studio time with the full trio (violin, viola, cello) and can also include backup vocals, if needed.

Studio rate for trio

$225 per hour (2 hour per day minimum; 8 hour per day maximum)

Please get in touch at bizarrestarstrings@gmail.com to discuss the details of your project. We can help you determine the best approach for your music and your budget.

*The same rate applies to performing written parts and collaboratively arranging


Cancellation Policy

New Clients

  • DEPOSITS: New clients pay a deposit of $100 per player for each session day. Deposit amount will be applied to the final bill for the session(s).
  • CANCELLATIONS: Deposit is refundable up to seven days before the session date(s), at which point it is non-refundable.
  • RESCHEDULING: If the session date needs to be changed after booking, more than 24 hours notice must be given to avoid forfeiture of deposit and requirement of a new deposit for the rescheduled session.

Returning Clients

  • DEPOSITS: For returning clients, no deposit is required for session scheduling.
  • CANCELLATIONS: In the event of a cancellation within seven days of session date, a fee of $100 per player will be due for each session day. Fee shall be paid on or before the date of the cancelled session(s).
  • RESCHEDULING: If the session date needs to be changed after booking, more than 24 hours notice must be given. Rescheduling of sessions with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of $100 per player, per session day, to be paid on or before the original session date(s). A new date will not be confirmed for the session until payment of fee is received. Fee will not be applied to the final bill for the rescheduled session(s).