“These ladies are fast, fun and masterful on their instruments. They work well together, both with parts already-written, or making up brilliant stuff on the spot. I have worked with them on several records and will definitely call them for more projects.” – Laura Veirs (Case/Lang/Veirs)

“Since I moved to Portland in 2006 I’d had a hard time finding my one stop shop for all things strings. That ended in 2014 when I took a chance and roped Kyleen, Patti and Anna into playing on My Morning Jacket’s The Waterfall album. I knew immediately that I had found my string people. They nailed everything we threw at them. They excel at coming up with ideas on the spot in collaboration with producer and artist. They speak the language of rock and roll and are equally at home reading complex charts. They do it all with the right attitude that gives me the confidence that whatever situation I’m roping them into, they will care as much as I do about finding the treatment that is best for the music. I can’t speak highly enough about working with them.” – Tucker Martine (Producer, Engineer, owner of Flora Recording and Playback)

My work with Bizarre Star Strings went very well…actually better than I had planned. I had become so accustomed to layering in sampled strings with my own work that I kinda dreaded having to explain/verbalize what I wanted the (real string) parts to sound and feel like. With my audio examples and “notes on feeling” beforehand they arrived at the session fully prepared and with parts written that replicated what I was after…and went beyond in all the right ways. I went from having a song that was “sort of sad” to one that became “achingly beautiful”. – Jason Lytle (Grandaddy)